Everyone Loses in the Eric Garner Lawsuit

On July 17, 2014, Eric Garner died in the Tompkinsville neighborhood of Staten Island, New York, after a police officer put him in what many view as a choke hold for about 19 seconds, but others say was a headlock, with no choking taking place. News sources are reporting that the Garner Family is planning on filing a lawsuit against the City of New York in the amount of $75 million dollars. I wonder what would be the effects of this lawsuit.

If the decision of the lawsuit results in favor of New York City, many people will continued to feel uncomfortable and insist that police are abusing their authority in an unjustified manor toward certain people. But what will happen if New York City loses this lawsuit and is forced to pay $75 million to the Garner family? How will New York City pay the lawsuit if the money is not available? Some possible options may include: no pay increases for city workers for many years, libraries may be closed forever, or increases in city taxes, just to mention a few.

The results of a lawsuit is normally when someone must lose in order for someone else to win, but this lawsuit appears to have different results, whereas both sides are expected to lose in someway. And as always, innocent people are subject to experience the most pain from this.